Frequently Asked Questions and Information Database

I can only add 1 Pi, why can't I add more / How can I add more than 1 Pi?

The site is designed to use your email as your unique identifier. Once an email is added to the database you can't add another entry for the same email address.
An alternative can be to alter your email address. For example my email address is but I can change it to and this will work as a new email without requiring a new account.

The map has bugs in Internet Explorer Version X. Fix it!

The site is developed using Google Chrome (Including Chrome for Android) and sometimes tested in Mozilla Firefox. There is currently little support for Internet Explorer as it is unable to support many modern web technologys let alone the semi basic ones used by this site.

Can you change my information?

To change your details use the "Change Your Details" link at the top of this page. You should then receive an email with the details required to change your location.

I Added my Pi via Raspi-config, Why is the location incorrect?

Raspi-Config is semi supported by location, this is from where it resolves your IP Address to your location and does not get an input of an accurate location. Alternatives for a better GEO IP system cost thousands and I make very little money to run the site as it is.

I want my Raspberry Pi removed!

Email me using the details on the Contact Me page, I will get around to removing it when I can.
Note if a backup is restored to before it was removed then it will still be there. If this happens email me again to remove it

I don't want to receive any emails from you!

Use the change your details page and deselect the Emails box.
Note if a backup is restored to before it was removed then you will again receive emails. You will also receive emails when you request to change your details at any point.